Frequently Asked Questions: Fabric Trends

It’s fun to know and follow home trends from year to year so here are the trends in home fabrics for 2018. You’ll be seeing lots of velvets and plush fabrics being used. There is a need for comfort and things that are very tactile. However, watch for the resurgence of Chintz.  As for fabrics […]

Here are some color trends for 2018

Here are some fabric color trends for 2018: Gray is still being used as a neutral of choice but used with rich colors such as red, pin,  k, navy, emerald green, and bold yellow

What is the process you use toward re-upholstering my piece?

First is to make a fabric selection. Jeannie will help you choose the style, color and appropriate fabric for your piece. 2.The piece is brought into the shop and stripped of fabric and foam. 3.If repairs are needed, they happen now. 4.New foam is added and the reupholstering process begins. 5.Cushions are cut and sewn […]

How long do you keep my furniture?

Most re-upholstery can be finished in a week or two. Exceptions include furniture which needs extensive repair, refinished or painted. For pieces you use daily, we ask for it when we are ready to go.

Do you repair broken framework?

Yes we do. Since the framework supports the inner parts of the sofa and the person sitting on it, a structurally sound frame is vital. We inspect the frame carefully and inform the customer of any damage that would need repair.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is railroaded fabric?

Conventional upholstery fabric has the pattern going up the fabric roll.  In other words it runs the length of the fabric, not the width.  Railroaded fabric has the fabric running on the width, that is sideways up the roll. It is used to avoid seams or just a preference of how the fabric looks. Most […]

How do I chose an upholstery fabric?

Which fabric depends on your needs and tastes. If you have heavy wear, you will need a durable fabric. Cotton will not hold up to heavy traffic. Do you prefer pattern? What colors make you happy? Do you like texture, shiny fabrics, matt finishes, etc. A look in your closet is a good starting place. […]

What makes up the cost of re-upholstery?

The process is very time consuming and more extensive than most people realize. Stripping the frame, making repairs on wobbles, broken pieces, springs, etc. requires practice plus a variety of special tools and supplies.

Is my furniture worth re-upholstering?

In most cases, it is worth the cost. If it has lasted for 10 years, is a sturdy wood frame and you find it comfortable, it is a good choice. To get the same quality in a piece today, you would have to invest in a good brand, otherwise, you would get an inferior frame, […]